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Cove is your safe space online.

We have created an ultra-secure app for you to manage your digital identity by keeping your privacy in mind. Making it the safest digital locker and privacy app for your digital identity problems.

Here's what you can do with Cove

- Secure Data Storage
- Secure Data Sharing
- Secure Communication

End-to-End Encrypted Data Storage

You can upload all your important documents (passports, certificates, licenses) and access them any time, anywhere. Cove protects each bit of your data using AES 256 Bit End-to-End Encryption and then stores them on ultra-secure networks and file systems protected by MFA and distributed and decentralized through IPFS and blockchain.

Regain control of your data with our Safest Data Sharing Experience

Easily share all popular types of data including text, pictures, documents, audio, and video files completely encrypted - to other users, merchants, enterprises, and institutions over unbreakable channels protected by Cove's proprietary algorithms. Cove also enables you to revoke (and re-authorise) file access anytime, even after the file has been shared.

Military Grade Secure Communication

You can chat and share images, videos, files with other people or organisations over a completely secure line. Even a hacker with a supercomputer can not read or see your encrypted content.

Why Cove is your safe space online?

- End-to-End Encrypted
- Decentralized Storage
- Zero-Knowledge System
- Blockchain-Enabled
- Safe Share

This is what makes Cove the most privacy-centric, digital locker app.

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Last updated 26 Nov 2020

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