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Mark Zuckerberg has made it inevitable that everyone will be switching over to the Facebook ... More

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Published 28 Feb 2012

You may have noticed the plethora of apps being made available to make your Facebook Timeline banner look ever more glorious. Facebook Photo Maker follows similar design apps like Facebook Timeline Cover Maker, Picscatter and NewFBCover but, of course, it delivers a slightly different take on the banner process. This design application for your favorite social network that allows you to use your own photos and add personal messages to create a totally unique and beautiful looking Facebook Timeline experience for all your friends to see and admire.
Facebook’s new Timeline Cover Photo is a large banner-like photograph at the top of your profile. Front and centre, it’s the first photo that everyone sees when they visit your Timeline. It is also the only photo that Facebook deems “Public”. Take control of what people first see on your Facebook Timeline by fully customizing your Cover Photo using your own photos. Facebook has made it somewhat inevitable that everyone switches over to the Facebook Timeline sooner rather than later. Cover Photo Maker for Facebook is the first iOS app to empower users to create custom Facebook Cover Photos using multiple images and creative text of their own in minutes and lay them out in fun and creative ways. It allows you to create personalized facebook cover photos in minutes without having to resort to Photoshop! This is an easy to use app where you can use your own photos and add personal messages to create unique and customized Facebook Cover Photos for everyone to see! Add one or a series of photos plus text to tell your story to everyone that visits your Facebook Timeline! With Cover Photo Maker, your photos can finally be used in the wide yet narrow space that Facebook provides without the need to heavily crop or distort your images! 
Facebook Photo Cover Maker is certainly different from the other Timeline banner applications, that's for sure. It provides a number of picture permutations with many different variations of your photos to make them eye-catching and the envy of your friends. This is a cheap and fun Facebook photo design application for your favorite social network that, quite simply, makes your Timeline cover truly your own. It is available for under US$2 and priced accordingly in other regions. 

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