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A voice-activated personal safety app to keep your family safe when you're not around

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Personal Safety has been a big issue for Women worldwide. In an ideal world we wouldn’t have to ... More

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Published 10 Jan 2019

As much as we would like to think we are safe when we are walking the streets, there can be little doubt that the world has become a much more dangerous place over the last few years. While we don't like to admit it, crime rates around the world are increasing on a daily basis and we are not just talking about major cities here. It's a worldwide problem that could rear its ugly head in any country in the world, in any size of town or city and to any of us.  We could be on our way to school or college, coming home after a night out, going down to the shops to pick up some groceries or, god forbid, in the supposed safety of our own homes. I don't want to be alarmist but, unless we are a Kung Fu master, none of us is completely safe.

It wasn't so long ago that the best pre-emptive protection for personal safety - especially for women - was the carefully concealed mace spray in the pocket. However, over the last few years it has begun to be replaced by something else that you can keep in your pocket - the personal safety app. Covert Alert is a new, voice activated, state-of-the-art personal safety app for iOS and Android that gives users a safety net in times of danger. It's very simple to use and takes just three clicks to set up. A first and last name...