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A voice-activated personal safety app to keep your family safe when you're not around

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Published 10 Jan 2019

[cont'd] to identify your emergency contacts, an email address and a password and you're ready to go. 

Once Covert Alert is set up, speech activation will be triggered by stating your specific keywords or numbers and the app does three things to help protect you if you feel in danger. First up, it will send your full name and a pre-recorded, custom message to your designated contacts in real time as well as giving them a link to continually track your position using GPS. Contacts can be friends, family or any other contact you choose. Secondly, it records up to fifteen minutes of your emergency on your device while sending a copy to your personal cloud so that you'll always have a record of what actually happened. You might need that later if you need to give a police statement or go to court.

Covert Alert is one of the most advanced and user-friendly personal safety apps on the app market. It's the first voice activated tracking app with multiple features for emergency situations and allows your friends and family to keep an eye on you or other family members when you are out of their sight. It can be linked to your security service for maximum benefit and quicker response times when you need it most. There are many personal safety apps on market but few that give you the peace of mind as much as this one does. The app itself is available...