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The first rule of Coworfing is to find cool and creative local people

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Published 29 Jul 2012

The first thing i have to say about this social geolocalisation and networking application is remember the name because you might be hearing it a lot in the near future. Coworfing is a fascinating concept of an idea that encourages freelance workers and entrepreneurs to physically get together and share their cool workspaces with like minded individuals. But this is not simply an office space sharing situation. Coworfing aims to provide coworking spaces where ideas will flow, you can meet new creative people and get fresh viewpoints on your problems.
Coworfing is a place for freelancers, entrepreneurs, students and teleworkers to share the places where they like to work. Cafés, bars, coworking spaces, libraries, airports, parks and even our own homes but preferably somewhere with a decent WiFi connection. It is a place for people who believe that having no office is an opportunity rather than a problem. Coworfing was born out of a simple idea that came out of Paris when one of the developers gathered the addresses of cool cafes with good WiFi and cool waiting staff and made a map out of it for like-minded friends. The idea developed into opening up their own homes for networking and inspired ideas. So that's what you get here really and it's as much of a concept as it is an application. It's just a question of logging in and, at the moment, you can have a look at the blog or the Twitter and Facebook pages but it's potential is much bigger to find cool spots around you to work and brainstorm new ideas or just have a pleasant environment to work without the confines of an office with four walls and a fax machine. So here's how Coworfing works right now. When signed up you will be able to add places that you like or your own place if you would like to welcome people. Once you'll have added three places you will be allowed to see the private places that are on the network and ask to come and cowork with the team. Coworfing believes that offices were justified by the scarcity of tools and the will to control employees whereas most of the time our tools are our brains, hands, computers, phones and books. They believe that the world is at a time to reinvent the notion of a proper place to work. So, why not parks or swimming pools, trains or even the comfortable home of a stranger? Rather than going  against productivity a pleasing worfing environment can achieve quite the contrary.
Yes I realize that it's a tricky concept to comprehend but Coworfing is, potentially, a great way to find positive creative people in a great environment and work (sorry...worf) together in positive ways. Many creative types find the high cost of office space not only counterproductive to their bank accounts but also to the creative mind. If all goes well, Coworfing can give you the chance to work with creative types in creative situations to either get on with what you are doing or to collaborate with your new found friends on new and worthwhile projects. This app will not appeal to many readers out there but there will be others who totally love and embrace the concept. This app is for you. Just don't hand over the keys to the house until you know your new collaborators well enough.

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