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Developer description

We bring you a highly addictive new version of a classic game based on divide and conquer strategy . Crazy bouncing ball lines is a fun and entertaining app with stunning graphics that too for FREE!! Draw vertical and horizontal lines to partition the balls into smaller spaces. Once the
balls are contained, you get to move on to the next level .

The objective of this compelling game is to shave off 80% of the original area while partitioning the balls into a smaller space. To shave off the area, you can drag your finger in vertical or horizontal gestures on the screen to initiate a line that extends to the edge of the screen.

Crazy bouncing ball lines begins with one ball bouncing around on your screen. Once you shave off 80% of the original level to bring forward the original beautiful background, you will move to the next level. Each level adds one more ball to the existing number of balls already on your screen and a awesome new background. If a ball
hits a line in progress, you lose a life. Once you are out of lives, your game is over. The game contains a total of 15levels. Bonus lives can also be achieved in the game .

Last updated 7 Oct 2012