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Trap that Crazy Dot with strategy and mind games

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Crazy dot is a puzzle game about strategy.

Rules are simple and experience is engaging.
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Editor's review

Published 2 May 2014

There are heaps of free puzzle games available in the Google Play store. They are massively popular. But here is a new kind of puzzle game that's a little bit different from the others. Rather than playing 'join the dots,' Crazy Dot is a strategy game for Android that is more about using the art of collision to win the points and the game rather than using more complicated gameplay. However, don't get the idea that Crazy Dot is a bash n crash mindless experience. It may seem easy-to-play but this game will prove hard to master and you will need to use all your patience, concentration, awareness and planning - not to mention good gaming strategy - in order to succeed.
Puzzle games are the real deal at the moment. They are often gobbled up by the gamers because of their advanced features and exciting gameplay. Crazy Dot different somewhat from other typical dot games because in this one, players don't simply connect boring dots in order to score points. Instead, the dots have to collide with the obstacles. This new puzzle game for Android is all about strategy with the object of the game being to trap the Crazy Dot into the screen by leaving obstacles in its path. There are only three main rules that players need to remember when playing the game. First up, they can only drop obstacles after there has been a collision. Secondly, if and when the Crazy Dot manages to escape from the screen, you will loss a life. Finally, when you get to a million points, you win the game. There are other hazards, of course. You will notice that the dot moves faster and faster and the obstacles get smaller and smaller, the longer you take.
Crazy Dot is a fun and challenging game for family and friends of all ages that won't take up too much space on your Android device. It should however, provide a heck of a lot of entertainment. There's an argument that puzzle games are good for your mental health and this one will certainly test your patience as well as increasing your ability to focus and helping your skills of recognition. There's also a fair amount of strategizing necessary to achieve maximum points. It is easy to play, the navigation is clear and simple and the gaming experience is very engaging and somewhat addictive. Crazy Dot is a welcome addition to the Android games market - for its uniqueness as much as anything else - and will provide plenty of entertainment as well as increasing a few mind skills.   

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