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Crazy Sapper 3D is a spiritual heir to the true classics - the Minesweeper game. However, it is far from blindly copying that addictive yet very simple gameplay. In Crazy Sapper, the player takes the role of Max, who is the only hope left to withstand the evil mad general Boris. By solving mind-bending puzzles, Max must make his way through 30 mine fields to Boris´s secret laboratory and disrupt his plans on enslaving the entire world. Along with classic deactivation of mines, puzzles include avoiding machinegunners, passing toxic swamps and finding the way among other obstacles.
With all the new elements, the game became more complex and more interesting at the same time. The player also has ways to avoid some traps and to disarm mines easier. For instance, a chainsaw helps Max cutting his way through trees, while grenades can destroy concrete walls that block safe paths. Weapons and equipment can be purchased and upgraded in the built-in shop for both the in-game and real money. Cute 3D graphics and funny characters add charm to Crazy Sapper making it stand out among hundreds of abstract puzzle games with minimalistic design. For experienced sappers, the game offers challenging puzzle modes and the global leader board to beat. Crazy Sapper is a free-to-play game. Supported platforms are: Android, iOS and PC. The PC version supports Windows Vista, 7 and 8 and requires DirectX 9 or above.

Last updated 1 Mar 2015

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