Developer description

Crcl is a recommendation platform at heart, but it goes far beyond just providing reviews. Crcl aims to cater to your preferences through its unique crowdsourcing feature that centers around affinity groups. By offering dedicated forums for users to connect and post about the activities they love, Crcl helps provide reviews like never before! Crcl combines improved individual profiles, a proprietary rating system, and planning features to create an engaging social community. Whether you want to go out to eat, see a movie, or go for a hike, Crcl helps you find the best option. It empowers people to go out into the world and experience the things they love. Our goal is to offer a platform that tailors to individual interests, is user friendly, visually appealing, and easy to use.

Crcl hopes to achieve these efforts by improving individual profiles to include in depth user taste and preference data, designing a proprietary rating system centered around the adjective approach (replacing a textbox with an adjective bank that is tied to a rating score), using a design thinking methodology (constant refinement through user feedback), and implementing an affinity groups feature to create an engaging social community that helps users source information from those they consider as tastemakers (authorities/influencers of similar preferences).
Crcl aims to foster a community built around people, places, and knowledge. By creating a platform centered around the user, Crcl aspires to facilitate recommendations of the highest quality, connect users to positive experiences, and promote the growth of businesses.

Last updated 28 Dec 2016

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