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Character building for 10-14 year olds using goals, rewards and consequences

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Think of Creating Character "in Tweens" as the combination of a chore and behavioral chart ... More

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Published 23 Mar 2014

We often hear talk about kids today having a much easier life than we had and how good and moral behavior seems to have gone out of the window. Of course, that isn't true for all children but, as our lives have got busier and more complicated, it's probably safe to say that a strict regimen of manners, discipline and maybe even moral standard has slipped away a little over the years. Many of us spend more time haranguing and arguing with our kids than we do in guiding them into, what is, a very competitive and harsh world. To address this problem, developer and parent of four Todd Duplain has come up with a series of iOS apps that lay out the chores and discipline that we all crave for. Creating Character "in Tweens" follows Creating Character "in Kids" by laying down the ground rules for a more pleasant, positive and better organized home environment.
Creating Character "in Tweens" is a new interactive app that is kind of like a combination of a chore and behavior chart for your 21st century iDevice. It was specifically designed to instil good behavior, responsibility, discipline and morals in children between the ages of 10-14. But rather than concentrating on pure discipline and chores the app is designed to motivate kids of the difficult age to be more respectful of others and more responsible for their actions as well as being more pleasant individuals. Its intention is to develop the habit of doing good which in turn will help them discover a healthy self confidence and a sense of accomplishment. It aims to help parents appropriately reward kids for meeting their weekly responsibilities and provide suitable consequences when those goals are not met. This frees up parents from having to waste time arguing with their kids over household chores, homework, sibling rivalries and other common childhood problems. As Duplain states wisely in his overview of the app: "As a society, we spend a significant amount of time and resources educating and measuring our youth in academic, athletic and other worthwhile endeavors. However, rarely do we focus much effort on morals, values, personal accountability and overall character building. The Creating Character apps do just that.”
Creating Character "in Tweens" is the second in a series of apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that tries to improve the moral fortitude of our kids. It does this by laying out clear rules and expectations for our young adults with clearly defined repercussions if they don't pull their weight. Many of us parents are often too exhausted from the rigors of daily life to have to deal with the disciplines needed for a calm, productive and argument-free home environment but this easy-to-use app maps out the chores and responsibilities of our 10-14 year olds. But, the app doesn't only aim to set a clear path to getting stuff done around the house - whether it be taking out the garbage or finishing homework. It instils a sense of pride of achievement leading to increased self confidence and better moral standards - not to mention a more peaceful home life - by showing our kids the goals, rewards and consequences of their actions.

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