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Wait, who just 'friended' my child?

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A Facebook application that allows a parent to monitor their child’s account without ... More

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Published 23 Sep 2011

If you pick up any newspaper these days you will see stories about children being approached online through their social network. There's also the constant threat of cyber bullying on the net. So how can we monitor our children's online activity without appearing to be a Big Brother in their lives? Creep Squash is a Facebook application that emails you a list of friends old and new added you your child's account. There is also a 'red word flag' that warns of questionable conversations in messages and chat.
Creep Squash is a free Facebook security alert tool for kids that really works in monitoring your child's social network activity without appearing to invade his or her privacy. It works in three different ways. Firstly Creep Squash emails you a list of all friends and new friends being added on the child’s account. Secondly, they also email the parent ‘red word flags’ from messages and chats that can alarm the parent of any questionable things going on in the child’s account. Finally, they have developed a system called 'social proof’ that counts how many times a person has been tagged by friends so you ill know the account is genuine. All you need to do to get started is to sign up and register your child's Facebook identity and your own email address. The rest is simple.

It's very difficult to monitor your child's online activity without appearing nosey. While we all want our children to be safe on the net theres a fine line between being concerned and being overprotective. You hear so many horror stories these days don't you?Well, Creep Squash is a low key way of keeping track on the three main problem areas without you having to look over their shoulder all the time. If you are concerned about your child's online safety you should certainly investigate Creep Squash.

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