Developer description

Crew Love is a exciting new and fun social app that connects groups of friends with another group to hang out, date, or just for a night out.  With Crew Love, no one gets left out.  A group of at least three friends sign up, make a profile, and pick preferences.

After preferences are selected, the group will be matched with another group with similar preferences. How many times have you asked or been asked, "where are the girls/guys"? Or how about "Dave, you have all the girls, do they have friends"? Or "Kim, hook me up with one of his friends"? I'm sure everyone has been asked or asked those questions their selves. Crew Love answers those questions.

Crew Love is different from other social apps because the app focuses on groups of people and not singles.  With groups, there is less pressure with dating/meeting new people and makes social interactions safer with familiar people around you. Nowadays, there is so much pressure on dating/socializing.

In general, things are more fun with more people, especially if those people are your friends. Crew Love encourages people to have fun dating and meeting new people. Double dating or group dating seems less nerve wrecking. Also, since you're with your friends, you all have each other's backs enhancing safety when meeting new people.

Crew Love also encourages you to increase your social circle. After you make a profile with your friends, you can connect with other crews who have the same interests as you.

Last updated 19 Nov 2017

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