Developer description

CribSocial is a platform that allows people with similar interests to connect and socialize offline through activities in their community. It’s simple and yet powerful tool to meet new people and make new friends. People can create activities in many different categories such as dance, outdoor activities, health & fitness etc. You can look for a for a dance partner or someone to go to the movies with, or just someone to play tennis with. You can create and participate in just about any activity.
CribSocial encourages making real life friends. People connect through CribSocial online but hangout in real world.
CribSocial’s service is completely free and simple. Users can search and find activities using CribSocial’s search portal.
It provides options to search using the keywords, category, number of participants and proximity by
zip code. Searching for activities does not require any special sign in or registration.
In order to create an activity you need to have an account with CribSocial. Creating an activity is relatively
straightforward and only requires basic information such as title, date and time, location and detail of the activity.
The activity’s location is also shown on a map for better geographical understanding.
The company’s goal is to make it extremely easy for anybody to find a companion who also shares their passion.

Last updated 2 Dec 2011