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Easier and a heck of a lot more fun than just rolling dice

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CritDice is a free dice roller for Android. Its clean user-interface makes rolling dice faster ... More

Editor's review

Published 9 Sep 2015

Not being much of a game playing kind of guy, I winced a little bit when I first looked at this dice roller app. I mean, unless you love dice games, what is there to say about them? They roll, they score, that's it! Why do you need an app for that? You may just as well use real dice, right? Well, how wrong can one be? CritDice really is a whole lot of fun and already I'd much rather use this Android app to roll dice than the real thing. This free game for smartphones and tablets makes rolling the dice easier, makes calculating scores a breeze and, with the sound bites added, turns something as mundane as throwing dice into a heck of a lot of fun.

CritDice is a free dice roller for Android that uses a clean and polished user-interface to make rolling dice faster and easier than those clumsy little square blocks. There are two ways to 'roll the dice.' You can either tap the 'roll' button on the app or you can simply shake the device. Dice results are totaled and shown in a large popup on the app, along with the detailed results of the individual dice rolled. CritDice supports many dice types and various combinations of dice as well as modifiers that can change the behavior or outcome of dice rolls. Dice formulas can be saved as 'favorites' and used for simple one-tap rolling and you can access a list of all your previous results and tap on any to re-roll. There’s even an optional 'text-to-speech' announcement of roll results. But the most fun part of CritDice is surely its ability to add sound bites to your rolled dice. You can add the regular sound of dice rolling if you like or choose from the dozens of inbuilt sounds but it's even more fun to add your own custom sound bites. Imagine adding a bite of Beck's 'Loser' if you roll a low score or Britney's 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' for a re-roll. The Rolling Stones' 'Tumbling Dice' might be a fun addition too. Others have added sound bites from their favorite movies and the possibilities are endless. I'm hardly an expert on the subject of dice rolling but I find CritDice infinitely preferable and a hell of a lot more fun than simply rolling numbered cubes across a table. The dice rolls in CritDice are completely random. Despite its name, CritDice probably won't help you get more critical hits - but everyone will be laughing so much at the sound bites that it won't even matter.

You may think that rolling dice and doing a few calculations should be pretty easy but I'm assured by gamers that, after a few drinks, it all becomes pretty hazy so this excellent and fun dice roller will come in handy when you are a little 'tired and emotional' at 1am in the morning. Functionality-wise, CritDice has a fine looking and modern user-interface. You can use it for any number of different games - whether it be Dungeons and Dragons or Monopoly - or any other games that requires a dice roll. Whichever dice game you play, its fun value will definitely be increased. No more mental arithmetic, no more recalculating scores...just a whole lot of fun. CritDice was designed by geeks for the geek in all of us. Even me.

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