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Developer description quote software is the step taken towards automating the entire price estimation process that satisfies customers with its range of managing quote services and the member based free and paid subscription packages available. It is the most viable option assuring effective, accurate, precise quotes generated for any given product or service. The software can be integrated with existing systems inducing customers to buy more. The quote software offers features with a market researched analysis of price trends with complete sales tracking options and follow up features seamlessly integrating with the quote software contributing to the overall revenue generated out of the profitable sales. The software adopts a guided selling approach right from configuration, suggesting products, adding customers, creating proposals, sending quotes and follow up for approvals and order page designing and many other add-o features to go with the free quote software. Product Synopsis The quote software enables businesses to grow more consistently encouraging a productive growth with user satisfaction kept at a higher stature. The software provides with a user interface with secure login access for the admin members to make crucial updates in the information made available to the end-customers or the prospective buyers. The software offers on-demand documentation tools with full control over the information stored in the database with alongside formatting of quote documents, drawings and stats into properly managed PDF files. Both static and dynamic forms data are merged together with integrated worksheet interface for the sales representatives to work effectively and adjust line item with pre-defined boundaries automating calculation of commissions and overages.

Last updated 18 Dec 2013

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