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Just Right - Invoicing and Time Tracking

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Web based time tracking and invoicing.
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Published 12 Nov 2011

As time trackers and invoice generators go this one looks like it has all the basics covered with an uncluttered appearance which is always a bonus. Another bonus is it’s still free so you can test it out without losing anything.

The system allows for an unlimited number of clients, projects, invoices and team members so the size of your business is not an issue. You can also manage access rights and get everyone working on the project that you want them to.

The time tracker does lack any kind of clock that some of the other apps in this category has so automated tracking is not possible. Hours worked on a project can be entered and are customizable to an agreed or company/ team member flat rate.

All aspects of time spent and materials purchased for a project can be managed by Cronsync with the detail easily converted into an invoice at relevant stages throughout or at completion. These can be made to look professional with your company logo and data embedded into the design. The client section is also the place to find the full details of any projects components along with charts showing income against expenditure.

The accounting function gives you plenty of information without overcomplicating things. A drop down box lets you choose a client account where you can see invoices listed and notes of payments. From here you can click on any invoice number and bring up an image of the document.  The page...