Developer description

crowdshare is an open community where users can share their digital creations and receive feedback, tips and donations from other users. Users are able to consume (download, watch, listen) and share content freely — without cost of membership or use. Top artists and content are determined democratically through our "lovecount" system. Our system is similar to what you might find on a site like reddit. However, we’ve chosen to not include the "downvote."
What we’ve implemented instead of downvotes is content flags. These are reserved for duplicate work and questionable authenticity. Our larger vision for what crowdshare can be is a digital market for the 21st century. When we say digital we mean — not eBay or Etsy — but a market for digital content. Of course, the major distinction, outside of us not distributing anything tangible, is that we offer content for free and are purely donation based. crowdshare is a community of people sharing their knowledge, skills and resources based on a shared ideology and belief that together our world is much better than it would be alone.
A lot of people think this is a bit crazy, and I can understand why: markets have never existed in this way. Even before the rise of modern capitalism and fiat currency, people bartered for items. Or, in the case of conquest, people took what was not theirs against the will of others. We understand this. However, we believe the web has changed the future of digital consumption. We want to be at the forefront of this growth and change. We want to be shaping the future of digital creation, distribution and consumption.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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