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Pitch your question or idea to the crowd and see what happens.
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Editor's review

Published 28 Nov 2011

Sometimes you are too close to a problem to see a way to solve it. That's the point when you really do need your friends to act as a sounding board. You'd think they would be able to come up with an answer, wouldn't you. Well how about if you had hundreds of friends to act as that sounding board? CrowdStormer is a crowdsourcing app that pitches your question to the crowd and receive ideas and responses on how to improve, enhance or solve your problem.

Stuck for an idea? Need fresh minds to think about your problem? Create a brainstorming session and let the crowd help you out! Crowd Stormer believes problems can be solved if the right minds tackle it together. This inspiring tool was developed by four entrepreneurs from Melbourne and Sydney who have often been faced with challenges and problems requiring that second pair of eyes or a slightly different tack on a problem. That is why CrowdStormer was created. Start your brainstorming session, post your questions and start receiving ideas and responses on how to improve, enhance or solve your query. As a reward for their efforts you can award your budding new partners Gold, Silver and Bronze medals when you get posts from them that you think are worthy.

Start brainstorming and generate new ideas, responses and inspiration from CrowdStormer from the crowd out there. It's such an easy tool to use you can start brainstorming with the crowd in three steps. Just start off by thinking about and posting your brainstorming question and select how long you'd like your session to stay 'active' for. Then you can rate and award the best responses medals which the winners can exchange for cash. And once you have the answer that solves your problem or spurs your mind you can apply it to your problem. I hope this fun problem solver manages to solve some of yours.

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