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Connecting Mutual Crushes

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CrushAider – Connecting Mutual Crushes
Privacy centric relationship enabling platform, ... More

Editor's review

Published 13 Sep 2011

How cute! I guess we all need our ego's stroked every now and then and there's nothing like a bit of crush-love to get the juices flowing. CrushAider is a free and fun social networking dating tool (it's imaginatively named a Privacy centric relationship enabling platform) that let's you know how someone feels about you without fear of rejection, embarrassment and changes in relationship dynamics.

The difference between CrushAider and other dating apps is it's privacy and the fact that it polls some of your friends and colleagues to see how they feel about you. Often this can end in embarrassment and loss of friendship but the anonymity of the service precludes those problems. You can express a crush on the person you like by adding their name and email address on CrushAider. They contact such person(s) you have added on your behalf, and without disclosing your identity, they inform them that ‘Someone has a Crush on them. They then invite them to use the website to express their crush on people/person they like by adding their name and email address. Now, if there is a Mutual Crush between both parties they are connected.

Well CrushAider looks pretty and I can see this being a big hit amongst 13 year old girls but that's probably about it. It's easy to use and navigate and free, of courses. So if you really have time to spare and want to have your ego stroked, don't mind me. Oh and if it works out don't forget to invite me to the wedding.

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