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Become the next Grissom or Willows with this ultra realistic CSI crime lab for iOS

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The application simulates actual casework and the comparison of bullets and cartridge cases from ... More

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Published 7 Feb 2014

Any fans of the long-running CSI forensic crime tv series will certainly be interested in this iOS education application. CSI: FirearmsID Forensic Challenge is a world-first app that took over three years to develop and challenges you to become the best forensic firearm expert in the world. Not only will you simulate actual casework but you will also get to see just what it s like to get behind the microscope and have to make the life or death decisions that can influence whether a defendant is guilty or not.
Are you up to the challenge to become the greatest forensic firearm expert in the world? Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be behind the microscope and making decisions that could mean the life or death of an accused? Step up to the challenge to see what comparative analysis in the crime lab is like when firearm and toolmark experts analyze firearms, bullets and cartridge cases on a comparison microscope! CSI: FirearmsID Forensic Challenge simulates actual casework and the comparison of bullets and cartridge cases from the crime scene to each other and to fired standards from firearms collected during the investigations. This educational application will walk you through training, your first case, proficiency testing and more complex cases to help you reach the pinnacle of your career as the #1 crime fighter! Built to mimic the look and feel of a comparison microscope the application will allow you to engage in the CSI experience and help you gain the important knowledge of forensic analysis performed every day in forensic crime laboratories all over the world. CSI:FirearmsID Forensic Challenge is a companion application to the only website in the world that deals exclusively to the education and understanding of Firearm and Toolmark Identification, http://www.firearmsID.com. Log in to the Resource Area for exclusive access to graphic libraries, resources, additional educational challenges and resources for instructors.
I didn't realize until the other day that the CSI tv series - in all it's various versions - has been around for close to 15 years now. The show delves heavily into the forensic side of police work and the technology used is almost the star of the show. Its popularity has garnered millions of fans and a new interest in the microscopic world of firearm identification and forensics. CSI: FirearmsID Forensic Challenge is a smart and easy to use app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that is designed to put you in the driver’s seat of investigations. If you have an interest in the subject you will love the realistic feel of microscopic research and revel in its ability to turn you into a modern day Agatha Christie.

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