Developer description

Cubic Climb is an addicting arcade genre game. The player using the on screen controls which they can change in the menu to stay on the screen while the platforms move. There are different types of platforms: standard ones, horizontally moving ones, and ones that the player falls through. There are also different power ups that the player can get. Despite being called power ups, not all of them are helpful in every situation which makes it the players job to choose which to get. They include high jump, game freeze, one way platforms, auto bounce, super speed, and heavy.

While the game may be accused of looking like Doodle Jump, the only similarity is the aspect of jumping and landing of platforms. Cubic Climb is much more complex and interesting. Speed, power ups, and platforms, all vary in the free play option and the levels. In free play, it is an endless stage where the longer you survive, the harder it becomes, however, the main goal of Cubic Climb is to pass all the levels. Currently there are 50 total, but more are in the making. Each level is hand crafted and is designed to be more difficult than the preceding level.

Test your skills by passing all of the levels. Test your endurance by surviving as long as possible in free play.

New levels and new features are constantly in the making.

Last updated 27 Jun 2017

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