Developer description

Cupfeed is a customizable RSS feed reader for your news and articles.
It works entirely locally, without registration.


+ Subscribe to your favorite RSS feeds (Blog, news, website, Youtube...)
+ Import/Export your feeds in OPML format
+ Add your feeds via the URL or via the integrated search
+ Filter your articles: read/unread
+ Automatically filter the articles of the day,
+ Create folders
+ Automatic retrieval of article images
+ Integrated search: Search all your articles or in your lists
+ Share articles
+ Manage your feeds and folders: you can delete or rename them.


+ Fully customize the display
+ Choose the number of lines of text to display
+ Choose between List, Large List, Grid or the new Magazine mode!
+ Choose your theme: Light mode, Dark mode, Alternative Light or Auto Dark/Light mode
+ Enlarge or reduce the size of list visuals

Last updated 18 Mar 2022

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