Developer description

Cupfone gives users a messaging board that they control. It is completely private to the point that you aren't even searchable. Instead, the web app lets you create intimate connections with the people you constantly contact, in a closed off conversation.

Each conversation is one simple feed, and you can invite people to connect with you through your own Cupfone link. You can also star messages and share pictures. You can use your birth name or nickname, and pseudonyms are encouraged. You can also rename your contacts without them knowing that you have. Because Cupfone only focuses on messaging, the application is very simple to use and there aren’t any other distractions.

Unlike email and social networks, the “noise” level in Cupfone is completely removed. You can have one connection or a dozen, you decide who you invite. Spam is removed because there is an invitation system in place. Cupfone is your own messaging board, that respects your privacy.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015