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Published 26 Nov 2011

Anything that cuts out those long winded customer satisfaction surveys has to be a good thing. This app aims to make the procedure more acceptable to customers which at the same time should ensure the collection of more accurate response data.

In fact it could ensure the collection of a great deal more response data than traditional methods that often requires the poor old customer to spend valuable time answering endless questions and adding unnecessary comments.

As the name suggests this app aims to help you gauge whether your customers are feeling warm towards you or if they are at the other end of the scale and have an issue that needs addressing. All of this can be done via a single email sent to a customized client list of your choosing.

The mechanics are fuss free and simply require you to create your thermometer. This is basically an email template containing four light icons of gold star, red, amber and green. Against these icons you then write a response choice to the single question posed in your covering email message and then send it to your chosen list of customers. Upon receipt all they have to do is click the icon that matches their opinion and that’s it.

The thermometer can be branded with your company logo and a thank you message is sent to all recipients that respond. You can also create several different templates and contact lists for various scenarios and occasions.

The reports feature is fairly comprehensive for a survey that only asks one question. A selection of charts show the overall level of warmth your customers are feeling towards you and a list can show individual responses. Email alerts will also let you know when a customer clicks the icon at the wrong end of the scale so that you can start to resolve the issues in a timely manner.

Apart from helping you save time setting up a survey document this app will also save customers a lot of time when completing it. That alone should create a warm feeling. 


Less is best seems to be the thought behind this one and the theory has a lot of merit. By using the thermometer on a fairly regular basis businesses will be able to see trends and gauge performance over a period and highlight issues quickly. 

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