Developer description

Family and friends are a very important part of our life, they mean a lot to us… Sharing photos is a good way to strengthen our ties with our closest people. What about sharing our photos formatted as nice postcards? Haven’t you tried CuteShot yet?! CuteShot is lots of fun, joy and pleasure!
Just a couple of simple steps, a bit creativity and you’ll get an awesome postcard which could be sent per email, tweeted or posted to Facebook wall. With CuteShot you can send to your closest people congratulations, holiday wishes, announcements, love messages and invitations shaped in cool postcards. You don’t need to wait for a special occasion, just make a pleasant surprise by sending “I’m thinking of you” message with your photo. Now CuteShot app includes both free and paid albums.
This means that after downloading CuteShot you have some free albums and, besides that, you have an opportunity to buy some additional albums through in-app purchase (e.g., Easter and Retro albums). Features included: - ability to create one-face/two-face/group photos; - 3 shooting modes; - share functions; - wide range of templates (more new templates coming soon!); - gallery of postcards prepared by you - possibility to buy extra albums.

Last updated 21 May 2012