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Cutetown app is a 3D-editor for iPad that allows to create a beautiful map, the most beautiful ... More

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Published 31 Jan 2013

Fancy yourself as the next Frank Lloyd Wright or Frank Gehry? Cutetown won't quite give you the same freedom of expression as some of the buildings created by either of those great two architects but it does provide a hell of a lot of fun. The app is a beautiful 3D map editor that allows you to transform GPS maps into highly detailed three-dimensional maps of real places on iPad. Its a bit like using a digital version of Lego, I guess. At the moment, as the app is in its early stages, there are only a few places to build your 3D creations but the team are working on the world city by city. San Francisco is up first.
The Cutetown app is a collaborative 3D-editor for iPad that allows multiple users to create a beautiful and high-detailed map of a real live city. The map itself is created by all the users out there and proves itself to be a lot of fun as well as being a nice way to have a really good look at the gorgeous buildings of one of the most historic American cities - San Francisco. The app is casual and convenient and doesn’t require any special knowledge in 3D modelling or architecture to create the high-detailed models of real San Francisco buildings. When you open the app and the map all you have to do is choose a building that you want to turn 3D. It could be one you live...