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Create a real 3D city on your iPad

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Published 31 Jan 2013

[cont'd] in or one you visited while in town. Model your building using ready made elements, include the right windows and doors and embellishments and make sure the color f the building s right and then send your building to the public map so that it can stand proudly erect in its place. Building by building, everyone will be rebuilding the map of San Francisco in 3D.
I love this app and would love it to become huge so that the whole of the country - or the whole of the world - could be turned into a 3D map. The maps themselves are absolutely gorgeous and I loved choosing a building - my choice was the historic Fairmont Hotel - and piecing it together. It took me back to my childhood and building Lego houses - but this time using my iPad, which is a brilliant platform to use for the app. It's easy and fun to use and, as its still in its early days of beta testing, its completely free. Once again, i have to say that i love this Wiki-style collaborative map app.