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CyberStockroom is a leader in web-based inventory management. We use the Software as a Service ... More

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Published 12 Nov 2012

Gone are the days when small businesses we're the poor cousins of the big guys when it comes to business solutions. These days there are so many apps designed specifically for small to medium sized companies that enable them the equivalent service to the big guys. CyberStockroom is one such business solutions application. This set of business tools for finance and accounting is an easy to use and cost effective way for the smaller business to compete with Mr Big.
Cyber Stockroom is a leading provider of web-based inventory management software that's so easy to use that you will be a pro in minutes! They have clients all over the world who take advantage of their powerful feature list which includes barcode integration and automatic SKU recognition, cost of goods sold (COGS) calculations, online POS service, powerful visualization and inventory importing functionality. The majority of their clients are small businesses that have no interest in the intricate workings of traditional inventory management systems. The reason they chose this app is that they want a powerful tool that makes sense to them and that is exactly what CyberStockroom provides. This very professional, engaging and intuitive app is geared towards the needs of its clients and CyberStockroom prides itself on its ability to respond to the needs of clients and regain control of their store, their products and their customers. .
One of the great advantages of CyberStockroom is its simplicity of use. It is designed for the small...