Developer description

Cygnet Cloud allows you to structure, organise, manage control and unify access to all your files, emails and contacts to a single secure location. You have control of your life with 24/7 access regardless of the device in use. Just login using your browser and start working. Simple.
* Store, Manage, Share. Whatever kind of data or files you’ve saved, Cygnet Cloud can handle, store, manage and share, in a totally safe environment.
* Structured indexing of files. You decide the level of structure and depth to your Cygnet Cloud.
* Security. Our security arrangements are a genuine layer of ironclad protection. AES-256 bit encryption, Security Socket Layer (SSL), your own Username and Password, and in-guessable links when sharing are only the surface of the iceberg of security we use to guard your files.
* Invite to view. Need to get that vital information to your customer, by tonight? Easy!
* Send an email. Cygnet Cloud doesn’t always need to reinvent the wheel, so you can also simply email a document as an attachment.
* Invite to Work & Share. Create collaboration ‘work zones’ and invite colleagues or peers to work on documents together.
* Add a task or a comment to a file, assign it to a user or users, and spark further discussion and collaboration.
*Real-time Updates. Anything that is adapted or modified in Cygnet Cloud is shown in real-time and updated instantaneously, so you can see the edits and changes made, as well as track who made the changes.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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