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Published 23 Oct 2012

I think we are all pretty well convinced by now that social media offers a unique opportunity to advertise your brand or event and get your message across in real-time to the very people you are trying to target. If you are new to the game, though, it can be a rather daunting experience when you are trying to decide on the correct approach to your marketing and online presence. Cygnis Media is a social media analyst and strategist that provides fully customized Facebook, web and iOS application development and are at the cutting edge of the industry.
Cygnis Media are social media strategists with development, deployment and management specialists at its core. Web enthusiasts by nature, the Cygnis team is always at the cutting edge of online trends and web-based community life. Their aim is to help you create memorable user experiences through an interactive, engaging and media-rich Facebook application that can allow your users to create quizzes, participate in trivia, send gifts, role-play, run a fantasy sports league, rate stuff, find true love or simply blow things up. Whether you have an existing idea which you would like transformed into reality or have goals you would like to meet via a social media application then Cygnis is the right place to come. Not only will they work closely with you during the entire process, they will also help you identify areas where your application concept could be improved by leveraging social media behavior commonly found amongst users...