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Continual monitoring of your website to make sure it's running at optimum levels all the time

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Published 18 Aug 2018

[cont'd] barely a few seconds. It analyzes your website speed, tests how well your SEO is treating you, checks your site security and accessibility and plenty more. In fact, it tests over 130 different aspects of your website and provides you with a detailed and customized list of priorities - based on the technologies used on your site - that you should fix. To make it easy, the list is delivered directly to your desktop. You can then direct your tech department to fix them up (assuming you have one) or you can follow the step-by-step guidelines to fix them yourself.

Given that your competitors are the ones that will benefit if your site isn't running how it should, Dareboost also lets you test any other competitor's website and then compare it to your own to see who's doing well and who isn't. If your site is 20% slower than your competitors, the loading time will be noticeably different for your users. The free version of the tool allows up to 5 analysis and performance reports per month. As you can guess, that means that there's also a paid 'Pro' version of Dareboost. This version offers unlimited analysis and manager-friendly performance monitoring features including Performance Synthetic Monitoring where you can monitor and specify your own thresholds and identify problems with detailed reports and interactive graphics. It also features what they call User Journey Performance Monitoring. Here you can define your own scenarios and activate monitoring with...