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Continual monitoring of your website to make sure it's running at optimum levels all the time

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Published 18 Aug 2018

[cont'd] functional checks and performance goals.

Dareboost automatically tests, analyzes and optimizes your website to make sure your site's web performance, SEO, speed, security and quality are all up to scratch and compare favorably to your competitors' sites. It features dozens of optimization tips to help your site work effectively. Unlike many other similar apps, it doesn't need to be installed but still manages to continuously analyze and test your website pages to make sure they are running at optimum levels at all times. You can see the evolution of your page's major performance indicators on your dashboard at any time but you'll receive weekly, emailed reports that give indicators as to how you can improve performance. 

Many companies already use Dareboost to monitor their website performance. Domino's, Ladbrokes Coral Group, American Express, Rightmove, Shiseido and Homes.com all use these tools regularly to make sure their websites are working well. Alex Logvynovskiy, the Front-End Developer for the search team at Rightmove commented "We use Dareboost as a synthetic monitoring tool to oversee the front-end performance of our core pages. For us, user experience is paramount and Dareboost provides the right balance between technical and business insights, with helpful health-check overviews for product owners and sufficiently detailed data for developers." There are several different pricing plans available for the 'Pro' version depending on your size and needs. These range from US$22 to $160 per month. Dareboost can make sure that...