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Dashlane is your Personal Internet Assistant. It offers a comprehensive feature set to ... More

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Published 15 Dec 2011

Without doubt the most tiresome thing about joining up to sites on the Internet is the form filling. Filling in pretty well the same information each time you go to a site isn't necessary now, though. Dashlane  works as your personal net assistant and offers a number of security tools to make your Internet experience a productive and safe one. No longer will you have to log in to individual websites or even remember passwords. Dashlane fasttracks you inside via a trusted and secure express log in that will give you immediate access to all of them.

Dashlane is your personal Internet assistant and offers a comprehensive set of tools to facilitate your life on the Internet. Dashlane is a simple, secure and trusted e-commerce productivity app that features an express login enabling universal automatic log in to websites that is totally secure. There is no need to remember or type in your passwords as you won't need them. You can register on any website in a few clicks without even having to come up with a new password each time. See all your Internet accounts at once and know where you are safe and where you are not. Dashlane gives you an express check out lane when you buy products on the Internet too and, in a few clicks on any website, you can easily purchase and keep track of all your purchases. You can even add your credit or debit card details and purchase online without entering any information manually. If you feel safe keeping your personal information in the cloud there's room for addresses, phone numbers, passport numbers, credit card info and more in a secure vault and then you can sync them between multiple computers.

Dashlane means you wont have to type your personal information ever again if you dont want to. With all of your personal information one click away and stored safely and securely in the cloud you can sail into as many sites as you wish to in seconds rather than ten times that for everyone else. You'll never have to think up another password either and never have to remember it later. Dashlane is a simple, secure and trusted security tool that's free to use.

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