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DashThis! is a tool to create executive dashboards from any Google Analytics account. The goal ... More

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Published 11 Oct 2011

Good website owners and managers will keep a constant eye on their online performance. Great ones will find an analytical tool that will transform the confusing stuff into valuable business insights. DashThis! is a business stats management tool for your domain that will create executive dashboards from any Google Analytics account. It delivers a wealth of analytics to help even the most Luddite of business managers make sense of it.
DashThis! Wants to change the way you've been dealing with web analytics. The goal  is to transform confusing analytics into valuable business insights for small and medium business managers, owners and web agencies. DashThis creates dead simple dashboards that have all the data a manager needs to analyse his return on investment. The clear and precise statistical analysis leads to a greater understanding of the state of play and allows you to pick the wood from the trees. This will make it far easier to comprehend which speeds up the decision making process. The aim is to put the emphasis on the analysis and the synthesis of your results to summarize them in a clear and easy to understand dashboard interface. Setup is easy, there's nothing to install, and you'll have your dashboard straight away. DashThis! Differs from Google Analytics in that it will keep the manager well informed and focused giving him a clearer picture of his online business.

DashThis! is a stats analysis tool for web managers that want to go one step further and to take their online business ahead of the opposition. It's businesslike interface is easy to use and you can be creating dashboards right away. If you operate a small business and only need one dashboard it's a very cost effective US$10 per month going up to US$250 per month for unlimited dashboards. The analytical spreadsheets DashThis! serves up are relevant and detailed and this clever tool needs to be investigated if web analysis is your business.

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