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What is Ediscovery?

Ediscovery or E-discovery is the technology that enables users to search through electronic data very quickly and accurately. As the electronic data volumes have increased over the years alongside stricter compliance and regulatory requirements the challenge of searching electronic content has become huge, in a competitive corporate environment and with many legislative laws governing data access and e-discovery, the need to deploy an effective solution for e-discovery is extremely important. The problem of e-discovery is made even more difficult by the various types of data, residing in different storage locations.

E-discovery Solution Scope :

E-discovery is a general term where may vendors provide solutions with a varying degree of e-discovery e.g. you could have a solution that restricts the e-discovery by the file name and file properties only. Other solutions provide e-discovery for searching file content, which also known as "Full Text Indexing" but may be restricted by the language it may support e.g. English being the most commonly supported language. However, the more advanced solutions provide and support e-discovery solutions for file content and also support searching foreign languages. In today’s corporate environment where data is generated over multiple geographical locations and business is conducted globally, documents may be present in multiple languages. Therefore having a solution supporting multiple languages is essential.

E-discovery with ShareArchiver

A file archiving solution with advanced e-discovery capabilities is a must have in today's corporate environment where corporations may span over multiple continents.
ShareArchiver has a comprehensive e-discovery built in to the solution where organizations can search for archived data in over 90 languages. Including languages
based on double byte characters such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean, as well as languages written from left to right e.g. Arabic and Hebrew.ShareArchiver extracts content from office files e.g. word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project. Adobe PDF files, text, xml, html and over 200 other files types, regardless of language. The solution also indexes the file name, path and other file properties. So searching through the archive to find data is extremely quick and intuitive.

Electronic discovery for LDAP users

In organizations of all sizes, it is not unusual for users to request the recovery and E-discovery of information on a regular basis, not having implemented an intuitive solution would waste value able time where trained personal may try to recover files from a backup this off course is a slow process that does not guarantee success. A solution where users can self-serve and find information independently without requiring specialist help would serve as a great advantage to users and the organizational productivity.

E-discovery and Data Security

ShareArchiver has built-in pass through authentication where users automatically login and are presented with a search and a file browser screen to the archived data. Users can search and browse data they have security access to. The permissions are imported at the time when data is archived, leveraging the existing AD and NTFS permissions set out by the organization’s technical and data managers. Furthermore the user permissions are verified in real time if a user leaves a group and moves to a different user group in the organization e.g. from Sales to Marketing. The archive solution automatically blocks access to the data in the Sales area.

Last updated 23 Dec 2013