Developer description

Well, sometimes in life there's a need for data scraping. Scraping for many people is pure magic, which is either very expensive or very difficult to work with.

Our application is made by people for people. We are ordinary programmers who have faced scraping issues too many times and are tired of complex or expensive solutions. All you need to know when working with our scraper is what .CSS selectors or XPath are. The rest of the work will be done by the application.

We are fundamentally against expensive cloud solutions or browser emulators "in one window". We hate block diagram generators or pseudo-codes in strange languages. We are convinced that scraping, although it requires some specific knowledge, should not take many hours to understand in general.

Our application is based on the following principle. You just need to identify the .CSS selectors of the elements you want to extract. After that launch the project and our robot will download all pages from the site and try to extract data from them. That's all.

Data Excavator works directly from your computer. Yes, there is no cloud - data will be collected directly to your hard drive. We have no limits on the number of downloaded pages or other strange restrictions. We also support proxy servers, custom JS scripts and site authentication.

And the next time you deal with your old complex scraper, ask yourself one question. What do I really need - a degree in data collection or the data itself?

Last updated 6 Oct 2020