Developer description

Datafied is a SaaS giving more power and control to companies over their field operations and field workers. Datafield provides an easy way to :
Get all kind of forms digitalized
Manage your on-site audit and inspection (whether be it visiting a prospect, a customer, a supplier, your distribution network or your production plant)
Keep visual performance indicators on your operations and on your field agents (collecting pictures and GPS localisation in real time)
Organize electronic/mobile surveys and polls and collect responses instantly
3 simple steps to use Datafield: 1- Compose your forms and survey on using any kind of questions, including text based or multiple choices but also media rich questions such as GPS location, pictures and more.
2- Your field workers, pollster or targeted audience access and process your forms instantly
3- You’ll receive responses in real time with a smart, web-based, dashboard allowing your to filter by location, profiles, pictures or else. Easy CSV import is also available.
Datafield Web platform and Mobile Applications can also be fully customs and integrated to into existing Information System.

Last updated 26 Oct 2013