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Date Night is a million things to a million different couples. But there’s one common thread ... More

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Published 24 Feb 2013

With the busy lives most of us lead these days, it's hardly surprising that the thing that often gets forgotten about first is your partner. Our daily commitments - which of course includes going to and from work, picking the kids up and taking them to band practice and various social commitments - often means that the romance in your life can be stretched a little thin. Date Night Is... is a new romance and dating app that aims to remind both parties that every now and again it's time to forget our stressful lives and get back to doing the things we did when we first fell in love. Go on dates.
Date night means a million different things to a million different couples but the one overriding fact is - we don't do date nights anywhere near as often as we used to when we first started going out together. There is a reason for that, of course, and it's probably called laziness. Sometimes we need a bit of a tap on the shoulder to remind us that it's time to take a break from the normal run-of-the-mill areas of our lives and get together with a loved one for a good old date night. Take in a movie - its awards season right now so there are plenty of interesting films on - or just book a table at your favorite restaurant. This is an app that is here to bring Date Night back and plan...