Developer description

An application that includes several useful features. You will always have the solution for your daily issues. It syncs between all of your devices. Use it on your smart phone, tablet or notebook, even in offline mode. You may suggest it to your friends as well.

Key features:

• Calendar: All of your events, ToDos in one place, categorized.
• Reminders: Set up and send email notification to others or yourself.
• Notes: Make notes or upload anything you want to have in one place. So that you will always know where to find.
• Contacts: Contact details of your family members, friends, and business partners.
• Password manager: Codes, user data, passwords are requested in all areas of our life. Are you able to keep all these data in your mind? By using DS app, you need to remember only one password.
• Shopping list: It is with you if something is popping up in your mind to buy, and also with you when you are shopping.
• Diary/Blog: Enjoy the moment but do not forget to record it. Thus, you can relive it again when you read your memories and view the photos in the future. You may share your diary issues with your friends on Facebook, Google+, Linkedin or via email. Predefined blog templates: Hunter, Baby, Pet, Travel, Motivation, Fisher, „Myself”.
• Cloud storage: Your photos, docments and files in one place.

Last updated 21 Feb 2016