Developer description

Dating singles and couples have a need to generate ideas for date activities in oder to build chemistry or keep their relationship fresh. However, creating a successful date involves challenges such as discovering unique locations, sourcing multiple platforms to put together a chain of activities and matching a date to a partner’s interests. Given the challenges of creating the fun, exciting, new and relevant dates our customer seeks, 54% of them will usually fall back on generic “dinner and drinks” dates. 90% of our surveyed customers do not know what options are located around them. They pick places and activities that are not within their partner’s interest and 70% of the time they report having a bad experience or being bored.

Datezr is a mobile first service for singles and couples to help them discover exciting local activities, and merchants, relevant to their interests based on the information customers already know about their partners. Find ideas for exciting & new date activities in your area in under a minute. Users have the ability to add their own and their partners’ interests, allowing the platform to tailor its date suggestions. We make your decision super easy by showing you tailored date itineraries based on your interests, location and budget.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015