Developer description

We were motivated to create our app due to an experience that many men using location/swipe based dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Happn are all too familiar with: one faces immense competition and the odds are firmly stacked against you, leading to some pretty disappointing results. There are plenty of studies that explain this. One such recent study found that women are 17.5x more likely than men to convert a like into a match, for example! Another that men are 3.2x more likely to swipe right on a Tinder profile than women.

However there are scientifically proven ways of increasing your odds on these apps. That’s where we come in.

We conducted extensive reviews of the peer-reviewed literature as well as many other credible sources to create comprehensive, yet simple-to-understand sets of advice in a dynamic top 10 dos/don't format for both photos and bios. These lists will change over time pending the publication of new, relevant studies and other publications.

We also set out to examine how the algorithms of certain apps work in order to give advice on strategy and to de-bunk some common myths around popular approaches.

Finally, we also included over 50 funny and engaging opening lines (some of which have been tested by other sources, some of them by us) to convert matches into great connections! These can be copied straight from the app, into your dating app of choice and saved in a favourites tab as well. We will continue to update the lines.

Last updated 4 Oct 2017

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