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Do you often feel you have spent your whole day doing nothing, even if you were busy whole day? Do you often try to recall what you did last week, but can't remember? Do you feel you are under-performing? DayThru is a tool for individuals and teams to help them keep track of things they get done everyday, so that they can maintain their daily activity history, measure their performance, and plan better for the new day.
This online progress reporting system is a futuristic approach to traditional status email reports and status meetings. It makes sharing the progress with all team members enormously easy and helps saving lots of man-hours and enhancing the collective effort.
Why you absolutely need it
- * No email reporting
- Get rid of those back and forth status email communications which lead to the wastage of everyone's time.
* No more status meetings
- So that your team can concentrate on the tasks that matter.
* View progress of whole team, all at one place
* Look back at any particular day in past to view all tasks done by all members at one click
* With cloud based solution, your team members have the freedom to view/record the progress anywhere, any time.
* The outstandingly simple interface ensure that anyone can use it without any difficulty.
* There is no limit to the number of tasks your team can log.
So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now for free and switch to new generation of team progress reporting. Signup here -

Last updated 14 Dec 2014

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