Developer description

"DCS-Monitor" is an app designed with simplicity in mind to monitor and forecast data/sms/call transfer. With the DSC-Monitor you can determine your monthly consumption of Data, Calls/Talk-time and SMS plus forecast future consumption (based on data gathered from the last 4 months). Focusing on the essentials, "DCS-Monitor" shows only two screens with all the information you need for your data transfer stats: - FORECAST: This predicts your expected consumption of mobile Data, Calls and SMS based on your past needs, for the coming month. The longer that you have had the app installed, the more exact the forecast will be (with a maximum of 4 months). - CURRENT: This shows you your current consumption for the current billing month. By default it is set to the 1st of the Month. The app is available for free on Google Play ( ).

Last updated 14 Feb 2015

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