Developer description

Robots have rebelled against their creators and have taken control of the space station! You must use the laser defense system to stop them before it's too late. If robots escape from the station and reach the Earth, humanity will be lost. Older models of robots can be destroyed with a single laser shot, but beware, the latest models are more resilient and you'll need wit to finish them. If you want to succeed in your mission (and for the sake of human survival, we hope you do) you'll have to use all the elements within reach: asteroids, comets, teleporters, elements of the space station ... everything works to get rid of the robots!
- 100 levels set in space.
- Amazing 3D art graphics and realistic physics system put together for the fun.
- Gradual learning curve.
- Use different elements to destroy the robots: laser bursts, boxes, anti-gravity, metal balls, teleporters, asteroids and comets.
- Some walls and columns of the space station can be tore down to destroy the robots ... don't let a single one escape!
- Use the ultra-secret dark matter laser to overcome the most difficult levels. But use it with care, because it will take 24 hours to recharge.
- Simple and straightforward game system, so you can have a quick game while waiting for the bus, or spend a whole afternoon to fight the robots. Your choice!
- No third-party ads.
- No in-app purchases WHAT OTHERS SAY ABOUT US "The game offers a ton of levels to progress through, and conquering each one provides a very satisfying experience"
- "Developer has worked on these amazing 3D graphics, that makes this space station based game look very realistic (...) making the overall experience very enjoyable. "
- Digital Conqurer (rated 9.3/10) " is a great game" - Gadget Teck

Last updated 2 Jul 2014