Developer description

DeaLoco reports all the hottest deals from reputable merchants. Price comparison and product review information is presented alongside each deal giving consumers the information they need to make intelligent buying decisions.
The site has several unique features such as an advanced search system, a “Grief Factor” rating, and custom RSS feeds. The site’s advanced search feature allows users to refine their search by entering a manufacturer, model number, product type, price range, store or even the name of the user who posted the deal. The “Grief Factor” rating lets a user know – at a glance – how difficult a particular deal is to pull off. For example, if a deal requires you to fill out a lengthy mail-in-rebate form and wait 3-4 months to get your money back, it will have a high “Grief Factor”. The custom RSS feeds give users the ability to set up deal alerts. For example, a user could subscribe to an RSS feed for a “Sony Plasma TV.” Any time a new listing matches those keywords, the deal will show up in his/her RSS reader.

Last updated 4 Apr 2011

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