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Times are tough and we’re trying to save as much as we can. That’s where we come in ... More

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Published 20 Dec 2011

You know that phrase that often gets bandied about that goes "you'll never pay retail again?" Well that is the motto of this deal-based shopping app. And with times being so tough at the moment there is definitely room for it to be embraced in most families these days. DealShrink is an app that tries to save you as much money as possible by encouraging you to list the things you are hankering for. Then DealShrink's bargain hunting crew will scour the internet for the best possible deal on that product and send you an email when they locate it.

Times are tough at the moment and we’re all trying to save as much money as we possibly can. That’s where DealShrink comes in and tries to help as much as they can. The aim of the company is to get deals on basically anything the customer is looking to purchase. And, whether you are thinking of replacing the DVD,  getting a new MAC Air for your daughter's birthday or simply just treating yourself to a new gift, DealShrink has real people who search the web for the best deals on the exact item you are looking for. Most deal sites just show you the products they have on offer but what's to stop you getting a deal on pretty well anything you really want? Nothing, is the answer. So, how does DealShrink get so many great deals? Well, for a start, they've been...