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Published 20 Dec 2011

[cont'd] doing this for a very long time andhave built up some great relationships with suppliers over the years. They've also been able to come up with some really clever ways of searching the Internet for the greatest deals on Earth!  To remain competitive, many major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Target will use 'loss leaders' to help lure customers to shop at their stores and DealShrink  is really good at finding those deals when they are around.  As soon as they find your deal you’ll be emailed with a note letting you know that your deal has been found. Remember though, most of these deals don’t last forever so make sure to act fast and open your emails to see what your deals are!

DealShrink is a totally free shopping and deal app that delivers the things you want at the best prices available on the Internet. While you could sit in front of your computer all day hunting out these deals it makes more sense to let DealShrink do the work for you and send you an email when they find it. All you really have to do is to act pretty quick when the deal is found. It's a simple app to use. Just fill out the form on the home page detailing the item(s) you are looking for and let DealShrink do the work for you. And it's true, you'll never pay retail again.