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Developer description

Photos expressing your moods are incredibly awesome, and only DearMood can make it!

Our user study indicates that people sharing photos with their feelings always get more feedback, so we make DearMood - an easiest way to create photos expressing your moods and friends can get the idea of where, when and how you feel in just one photo. We do believe this is gonna be a new trend for mobile photography and you can’t ever miss this!

Feature highlights:

1. Create your emoticon-powered photos - Gorgeous overlays and creative emoticons are your photos' secret sauce, they add personalities and interestingness to every photo you take.

2. Add location and time data to photos - Photo contexts are more clear, just one glance and all the memories come back to you instantly.

3. Editable text field- Default expressive sentences save your typing time, you can replace these ones with your own description.

4. Intuitive user interface- Easiest way to capture and share your mood photos with this world within a few steps, even your grandma can make it!

5. Instant sharing to social networks - Instagram, facebook, twitter, weibo and save to camera roll

6. Preset popular hashtags - Spend no time typing but still get your photos listed on popular photo streams for great popularity.

There will be a free version of DearMood in the near future, and we will keep you updated, thank you. : )

Last updated 25 Jul 2013