Developer description

Debtster is a new free android app to help you organize the group expenses. Useful when travelling with friends, buying a gift… You decide the occasion, Debtster deals with the numbers

With Debtster you can keep track of all the expenses, and in the end be sure of who owes money to whom.

With this app you can:

- Organize your expenses in multiple accounts. - You can create as many as you want!
- Keep track of latest changes thanks to push notifications
- Merge payments of multiple accounts to settle all your debts in one move
- Share and manage your expenses with whoever you want fast and efficiently
- Fully functional without internet connection.
- Don't get confused anymore! It supports multiple payers even with different amounts. Decide the amount yourself or let Debtster do the math.
- Choose the currency that fits better
- Be clear who owes money to whom at a glance and settle debts with a simple click
- Choose who shares payments or each user preferences to settle debts
- check the details on your balance.

Give it a try and let us know your thoughts

Last updated 6 Aug 2015