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This colorful new game is definitely not just your average Match 3 puzzler

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Editor's review

Published 24 May 2018

On my commute to work each day it never ceases to amaze me just how many people play games on their smartphone while traveling. Old guys with suits, young schoolkids with backpacks and young females balancing a bottle of water on their knee while they wrestle with Candy Crush, Bejewelled or Gems with Friends. It's impossible not to look over their shoulders while they play and, more often than not, the games of choice are generally Match 3 games. I guess the phenomena started off way back in the 80's with a popular little tile matching puzzler called Tetris. For the last few years though, Candy Crush and its various versions have pretty much ruled the roost. Maybe it's time for a new contender to vie for top spot. 

The reason Dee Zaster on Monster Island could catch on is that it offers something slightly different to games like Candy Crush. While it still features those rich, eye-catching graphics and a match 3 tiles gameplay philosophy, it also features an engaging storyline and a rather unique setting. So, rather than describing it as just a match 3 game, it should really be called an adventure match 3 puzzle game. The ultimate goal of the game here is to navigate through the various obstacles and challenges to find the treasure at the end. The only trouble is...there's a whole bunch of monsters to navigate past. 

Just as refreshing, the hero of our story is a feisty female named Dee. In order for Dee to find the treasures she will have to get past quite a few bumps in the road on the way. Rather bizarrely, these include everything from bamboo cages to frogs to slimy swamp creatures. The only way Dee can get past them is to use some smart strategy and with the help of a few bits and pieces that she can pick up while on her journey. Naturally, each level of the game gets more complex and challenging as the puzzles get tougher and tougher. However, the rewards for success are greater. Along the way, knowledgeable and powerful friends are introduced. They are there to lend a hand with a few tips and tricks and to help her conquer the many obstacles barring her way. When she finally can get past the last one she will have reached the end of her journey and will be able to collect her treasures and get off the island. 

So, who are these dangerous characters and slimy monsters that Dee has to find her way past? Well, for a start there are the furry, toothy ones that could be good guys or bad guys. She'll have to find that out on the way. Then there's the menacing ticking dynamites that need to be defused before they explode. I mentioned frogs too, didn't I? These are the rather troublesome spotted variety that keep managing to get in the way. Last, but definitely not least, she will have to keep well out of the way of the creepy swamp creatures with their enormous tentacles. There's more too but I'll leave you to discover those for yourself. 

Dee Zaster on Monster Island is an easy to play game that has been designed for mobile gamers of all ages and is available to download on both the iOS App Store and on Google Play for Android devices. It's totally free to download but also includes optional in-app purchases if you're really keen. It was nominated for Best Mobile App 2018 which bases its awards on interface design, functionality and overall app quality and has also been nominated for a 2018 Best Emotional Games Award in the Best Emotional Game Design category. To be successful at this game you will need some good logical thinking to solve some of the perplexing puzzles plus some good old fashioned monster zapping in order to collect points as you search for the treasures on offer. Invite your friends to play against you, discard that Candy Crush game and start zapping monsters with Dee and her friends. 


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